You can cancel your Malgra Plus subscription from your dashboard.


Cancellation Process

  1. Login to your Malgra Network account as normal (you can use the login option on the menu at the top of any Malgra Network page).

  2. On your dashboard, choose ‘Your Account’ from the top menu, and select ‘Change Subscription’.

  3. Choose the 'Malgra Membership' tab to view your subscription

  4. Find the relevant subscription, and choose the ‘Cancel your membership’ option

  5. Follow the onscreen prompt to confirm cancellation

  6. Once cancelled, your subscription status will change to 'Cancelled' as shown below.
    Your membership will continue until the Expiration Date listed.

  7. On the expiration date, access to your subscribed benefits will end, including any services you may have with Malgra.
    Your membership will change to a 'Malgra Free' account.

    Please read this article for information on what happens to your account after the expiry date.