1. To create a new group listing, you'll need to login to your Malgra Network Account.
  2. Once logged in, click the 'My Groups' option from the drop down list at the top of the Malgra Network homepage.
  3. Click 'add a group' from the menu options available


Your Group Information

Your profile image (optional)

You can add a photo to your listing so that any prospective members recognise you when they visit your group. Having a profile image also makes your listing seem more personal, by having your own introduction to your group.

Group Name

Enter your group name as you'd expect to see it - for example, 'NewTown Slimming World'

Consultant name 

The system will automatically populate with your name. If you prefer just your first or both names, you can edit the field here

Group Description

This section allows you to add further information about your groups to promote to prospective members. For example, you may wish to add details of your groups' highlights for the month or information on how to find your group within the venue.

Some things to consider:

  • Any recent achievements - e.g. "12 stone lost this month in total by our members!" or "Gold Award group"
  • Any venue information - e.g. "We're on the ground floor, use the door on the side of the building for access" or "Free car parking is available at the rear of the venue"
  • How you became a consultant - something personal is a great introduction - e.g. "I joined as a consultant after losing X stones as a member of my local group..."

Remember that any information you provide here will be a public record, and picked up by search engines. Ensure you spell check any entries and any information meets legal requirements.


Group Day, Location and Images


Group Day

Select from the drop down which day your group is. This should only be for this one group, you can add further groups on the next page.



The location should be entered as a street address as our system will put your location on a Google map and allow for people to search. As such, ensure you put the full address, such as "Newton Village Hall, Main Street, Newtown, A1 1AA"


Group Images

You can add any images of your group here - perhaps a picture of the building outside, what it's like inside, and even a Woman of the Year or promotional image too.


Final details

Group Times

Please enter the times of your group in the 24 hour format. For example, 17:00 - 18:30 is 5pm to 6.30pm


Consultant Phone Number 

Enter the number you would like to be contacted on



If you have a separate website, you can add a link here


Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

You can add details here of your accounts. 

  • Twitter/Instagram: Provide your @ handle, for example @MalgraUK
  • Facebook: Provide a link to your Facebook Page