Your data in the Malgra Cloud is secured and backed up several times a day by our partners at Microsoft. However there may be an occasion when you want to export or move your information away from our cloud service.

  1. Login to your Malgra Network Account and choose 'Cloud Spreadsheets'
  2. Once inside the spreadsheet in your browser, press 'File' at the top off the page, near the green Excel ribbon
  3. Select 'Save As' and choose 'Download a Copy'
  4. A copy of the Spreadsheet will be downloaded to your device in Microsoft Excel 2020 version, available to use with any comparable software.


Important notes

  • If you download your Cloud Spreadsheet and make any changes to the data away from the cloud system, these will not be synced with Malgra, and we're unable to merge any data back with the cloud. Therefore only download your data to use externally if you're closing your Malgra Cloud Spreadsheet
  • Cloud Spreadsheets are a Malgra Plus benefit. If your membership ends, access to your Cloud Spreadsheets will also cease. You should download your information before your membership ends
  • After the end of a Malgra Plus membership period, your data is retained only for 30 calendar days. If you re-subscribe during this period, your information will be retained. After 30 days, the information will be lost and unrecoverable