Note: This page provides a list of the spreadsheets available for MalgraBooks Clients to help prepare your information for our team.

This page is not for Malgra Plus users - you'll find information on our Consultant Spreadsheets here.


All in one file

You can download all current templates in one file, making it easier to keep your documents to up to date


Expenses Spreadsheet

The expenses spreadsheet can be used to list items such as interest table purchases, fees for EFT card machines, and eshop orders (where you buy books or merchandise for resale)

Shop Sales Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to list any sales you’ve made in your group shop – such as book sales to members. Please do not list HiFi or Magazine sales – these are obtained through your monthly PFS Document.

Other / Additional Income and Expenses Spreadsheet

If you’ve had any additional income through the month, please use this spreadsheet to list these. This could be where a fixed fee is paid for covering a group, a recruitment bonus for introducing a new consultant, or even selling visuals to another consultant. This list is not limited!