Note: This page is designed for users of the Malgra MTD Service which is currently being beta tested by a small group of consultants. Read more here.


Submission Screen

Following feedback, we've simplified the submission form available through the MTD system as shown below.

The details are split per quarter, ready for submitting. When the period has ended, click the 'submit details' button to continue. You cannot submit the return before the end of the period - the system will prompt you to wait if the timeframe is incorrect.

Once on the website, the below overview provides details of the income and expenses, with the profit/loss values taken from the spreadsheet system for confirmation.


If the figures are correct and match your calculations, you can click the 'submit for processing' button, and the system will generate your reference once submitted to HMRC.

NB: UTR and NI are stored separately, you can edit these within the 'update record' section on the main dashboard.